Our products provide solutions to the environmental problems facing government agencies and companies today. he ARK Enterprises, Inc. produces a family of products from natural materials that are environmentally responsible.

P.O.L. Sorb ®

P.O.L. Sorb peat moss absorbents are extremely effective in absorbing oils and hydrocarbons; while offering savings in areas of inventory management, time, labor and waste disposal costs.

Waste disposal costs account for a large part of environmental management budgets; however often these costs are either averaged or guessed. P.O.L. Sorb products have proven to significantly lower waste disposal costs,freeing up funding for other requirements.

The chart below is a depiction of how using P.O.L. Sorb in every day spill clean ups can reduce your overall costs, without even factoring in logistical savings.

Also remember that clay adsorbents are far heavier and require more man-power and equipment as a result. Therefore, not only are you spending more money, you're also expending more time and effort when using clay


Aquasorb ®

Aqua Sorb® can absorb large quantities of water or aqueous solutions while retaining the liquid under pressure.

The cross-linked polymers in Aqua Sorb® are insoluble in aqueous solutions and typically organic solvents. The hydrophobic nature of the product does not allow it to solublize in an aqueous medium. The gellation occurs from multiple hydrations of the lattice structure of the molecule; in layman's terms the water becomes part of the Aqua Sorb® molecule rather than the molecule becoming part of the water.

Aqua Sorb® is superior to many alternative methods because Aqua Sorb® does not significantly increase the volume of the spill and waste for disposal.

It expands in volume by less than 1%. Disposal costs are subsequently less. Another characteristic of Aqua Sorb® is its capacity. As Aqua Sorb® is solvated, chains unfold and ionic repulsive forces expand its molecules, creating large absorption capacities.


Quik Solid ®

Quik Solid® is a solid, granular cross-linked polyacrylate Advanced Superabsorbent Polymer that rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of aqueous solutions.

The absorptive properties of Quik-Solid® are ideally suited for the absorption and solidification of radioactive and other types of waste waters. It reduces Waste Disposal Costs – expands in volume by less than 1%

Freeze-Thaw Tested: will not release liquids after freezing and subsequent heating to160° F. It will not release trapped Ionic contaminants if solute evaporation occurs.

Strong Ion exchange capability allows for heavy metals to be bound and wastes to pass TCLP.