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Our Mission

The mission of The ARK Enterprises, Inc. is to provide solutions to the environmental problems facing government agencies and companies today.

The ARK Enterprises, Inc. produces a family of products from natural materials that are environmentally responsible. These products present safe, cost effective solutions to clean up problems and provide safer work areas and living conditions.

Our product line has been in the forefront of the Green movement embraced by many companies and government agencies today. The products have the ability to not only clean up the damage, but to heal it.

The use of natural products to treat many of the problems that face the planet has been and will continue to be the focus of our company. ARK strives to not just buy green but to be green. For others this may seem overwhelming, but at ARK we just provide solutions one spill at a time; our motto since 1994.

Environmentally Preferred Absorbent Products

Protecting the environment is not option: it is a duty that we have to future generations and we must execute that duty with responsible, environmentally friendly products. -- Steve Snyder.


Accellerated natural attenuation utilizing organics.

Proven Results:
Soils contaminated with hydrocarbons is one of the major problems facing companies and government agencies today. Costs for cleanup are high and going higher. Results are slow, sometimes years are needed to see if the investment in time and money will correct the problem. Liabilities are great. EPA, homeowners, and environmental groups are all watching for opportunities to expose any problems they suspect.

Why P.O.L. Sorb® technology?
P.O.L. Sorb® is a special grade of sphagnum peat moss that can draw the hydrocarbons from the soil. It inhibits compaction of the soil, allowing the hydrocarbon to breakdown naturally while preventing it from spreading. The elements needed to break-down hydrocarbons are more stable and safe when using P.O.L. Sorb®. Additionally, this technology not only draws the hydrocarbons from the soil, it can actually reverse the plume of traveling hydrocarbons.